Baily Rose

Slow Fashion


Renegade Artist Healers Transforming Fashions Magically  


To understand how to clothe thee woman, The Prim Mobz went out into the woods to ask Mama Earth how they should clothe such a concept.


By Goddess, they found her nekked ! 



They had spent sew many countless years dressing up in various dimensions, cutting through the fabric of reality, re-stitching it back two gether with prayers to suit their needs.  

And they found her naked. Unclothed, 'cept the wild brush of nature. Where did she end ? Where did she begin? Was the woman simply the earth ? Were her clothes the trees ?   

 &&& then,  

it became wildly apparent

the art of dressing the woman knows no ending and beginning .  




A warrior of the light that cuts thru the fabric of reality, to stitch + weave it back together in her own fashion.  

(Post Everything Naked Textile Artists Fashioning Dimensions Weaving Magic Healing the Waste of the Fast Fashion Industry)