Baily Rose

Slow Fashion

Maison de Rose (House of Rose) is Baily Rose collaborating with her nearest and dearest 


Rose found Fashion & Film while studying Psychology & Advertising at the University of Colorado.

Bored of the institutionalization of education while rebelling the rampant objectification of the woman on a college campus,

her roommates and herself began curating art, fashion and film salon's in their living rooms and back yards.


After a short stint in San Francisco exploring the land of Independent Designers and Sustainable Fashion, Rose moved back to her home state for Love. The Queen City proved to woo her ultimate hearts desire, meeting an infinite band of faery mermaid gypsy artist tramp lover musicians.


Her Sicilian Nana Rose demanded she attend the now defunct Emily Griffith Opportunity School's Sewing Program. All the while, Rose refused the need for clean lines and straight stitches. Sticking safety pins and tearing fabric just for the fuck of it. Life isn't perfect. She didn't want her clothing to be either. Humph. 


Keeping her feet tramping across any meadowy mountain peak she feels or skiing down the le'ville streets to her seamstress job by day, cooking breakfast to strangers, making friends with everyone, sending love to all the hearts,  and still believing in true love and faery tale happy endings, , , 


she slowly and deliberately prays for the healing of the fast fashion industry and the peace and well being of all garment workers and all workers and everyone wearing clothes and not wearing clothes and weaving realities and kicking ass and taking names and not taking names and making up words and cussing and fucking fucking and fuck ! Living for fucking Sophia's sake.  ( who said fashion has anything to do with god damned clothing ) . it's all cultural she thinks. 


Baily Rose loves receiving Wardrobe Styling requests for Editorials + /  Bands. 

Matthew Novak is Thee Seeing Eye, Capturer of Images, In House Unicorn, Picture Maker. 

Baily & Matthew love working together : you can book one or both of them by contacting Baily directly at : baily @



Model Citizens : 


Heather Lucky Penhale

Briana Cerrato

Jessica Vaughan

Sarah Shavel

Jacqueline Sophia Cordova

Maria Kohler

Piper Rose

Gemma Bayly

Katie Thee Zimmerwoman

Dena Zimmerwoman

Sara Sayed    ( Sara Fucking Sayed in Wreck Less Abandon ) 

Liv Wilde