Crown Measurement Chart

1. if you don't have measuring tape, baily rose will send one to you : indicate the address to send to when you check out. 

2. Measure A : The Circumference of Your Crown: 

Around where the b.annie will sit along your brow, around the back of your head, right above your upper back neck. 

3. Measure B: The Height of Your Crown: 

From center brow, to center back of crown

4. How thick of a hem / fold do you want ? b.annies come with a hem, that is the folded part of the edge of the beanie that forms a double thick layer of warmth around your ears. Would you like that fold to be 1, 1.5, 2, or 2.5 inches thick? 1.5 is standard "thinner" size, & 2.5" is standard "thick" size.